5 Outside-the-Box Painting Ideas to Consider [infographic]

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Painting your house, inside and out, can be important for keeping it in good condition and making your space feel cozy. And while there’s nothing wrong with keeping things clean, simple, and classic, painting is also an opportunity to be creative. Here are five outside-the-box painting ideas for you to consider:

  • Just the Ceiling- If you’ve already got nicely painted walls in a room but want to add some more visual interest, why not hop on the painted ceiling trend? Ceiling painting can make a plain room more unique, but you have to consider the room carefully. Painting the ceiling a color works best in rooms with higher ceilings and when the walls are a light neutral color.

5 Outside-the-Box Painting Ideas to Consider

  • Splash of Color- White and beige might be best for resale value, but you can’t live your life thinking about what future owners will want. Right now, you should incorporate bright colors if that’s what your heart desires!
  • Touch Up Trim- Sometimes, you don’t need a full-on paint job to elevate a space. Merely repainting the trim can make a massive difference and create a cleaner, brighter-looking room.
  • Paint the Roof- Roof painting is unconventional, to be sure. But it’s also an easy, cheap way to change up your roof’s appearance without paying for an entirely new roof.
  • Make the Doors Pop- If you want color in a space but you’re worried about it overwhelming all the other features, think about whether a painted door will accomplish the look you want. A colorful door will draw the eye, so think about the door’s placement first.