Wall Painting, Columbus, OH

Our team offers expert wall painting services that will make your space look brand new.

Painting a wall is one of those things that sounds fairly straightforward until you try it, at which point it becomes clear that the task is more complicated than it first appeared. Sure, it’s easy to apply paint to a wall, but making the finished result look good requires more extensive preparation and attention to detail. If you want to give your space a new look, we encourage you to turn to our team at American Quality Painting to get the high-quality results you deserve. Our team offers expert wall painting services, and you can count on us to make your space look like new.

Wall Painting in Columbus, Ohio

The first step in our wall painting process is to prepare the room. We will help move furniture into the center of the room, or remove it from the space if possible, and then cover it to protect it from stray paint spatters. In addition, we will lay out drop cloths to protect your floors and tape off any trim or seams to ensure that the paint stays inside the lines.

Next, we will give your walls a coat of primer to ensure the paint can go on as evenly as possible. Once the primer is dry, we’ll apply the paint itself. We’ll apply as many coats as necessary to make sure you get smooth, even coverage, and we’ll finish off by applying a protective topcoat that will ensure your paint looks its best for as long as possible.

Our team is proud to serve the Columbus, Ohio community, and we want to help you make your home or business look its best. If you are looking for a wall painting team you can trust to deliver the top-notch results you deserve, just give us a call.

At American Quality Painting, we offer wall painting services in Columbus, Worthington, Westerville, Dublin, Hilliard, Zanesville, Newark, Granville, and Upper Arlington, Ohio.