House Painting Tips from a Professional Painter [infographic]

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At American Quality Painting, we take great pleasure in transforming residential properties. It might surprise you how much a professional painter can do to elevate the appearance of your home. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers in the Columbus, Ohio area. We thought we would demonstrate that by sharing a few house painting tips we have learned over the years and that we incorporate into every project.

House Painting Tips from a Professional Painter [infographic]

  • Prep matters- You cannot put paint on a wall that isn’t in good shape and expect it to look better. In fact, it could look worse, as the blemish could stand out like a sore thumb. Any wood rot, damaged drywall, or other issues should be resolved before the painter begins applying the paint. Protecting surfaces not to be painted is also part of the preparation process.
  • Materials matter- A painter cannot get quality results using anything but the best materials. Utilizing a quality paint means a better result, and choosing the right type for the project means it will provide the benefits you want.
  • Workmanship matters- Rushing through a painting project isn’t going to provide professional results. Our experienced painters will work efficiently but will never sacrifice quality to get the job done faster.
  • Finishing touches matter- Cleaning up after finishing the painting is an important step in the process. We would never leave you to clean up the tarps, empty paint cans, or paint brushes. Your room will be ready to put into service without you lifting a finger.
  • Satisfaction matters- You are welcome to point out anything that doesn’t meet your satisfaction, and we’ll make it right.